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Our Story

Emerald Tides Oyster Company is owned and operated by the McAndrew family in Gulf Breeze, FL. We are proud and super grateful to be a part of this wonderful community. 

Born and raised in central Louisiana as an alligator farmer, Ryan McAndrew and his family ventured to the Florida panhandle in late 2018 to start Emerald Tides Oyster Farm. After strenuous research and planning, the farm site was chosen and permits were obtained in early 2019.  Ryan and his father, Steele McAndrew, then started constructing the farm. 

Producing premium, deep cup oysters is not an easy task. In contrast to bottom culture, our methods require heavy investments of both money and labor. We guide each oyster to grow into the perfect shape through a series of grooming techniques throughout their life. This produces the deep cup and high meat to shell ratio.

The effort required to operate the farm is not easy, but Ryan always feels blessed to call something he loves "work." He takes pride in always doing his best, and appreciates when oyster lovers honk at him as they pass on Garcon Point Bridge.

Through hard work and diligence, we will continue to expand, producing exceptional oysters that rival the best anywhere. 

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